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The REAL Best Buttlifter 2018 - [Buttlifter Permanent Results]

By Edward Antinio September 06, 2018 0 comments

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Buttlifter Permanent Results vs Quick Fix

According to the image of a sexy and beautiful woman as created by the society, media and modern culture, a woman has to have a big and curvy butt. As this saga continues, those people who do not have enough butt to fill out their jeans are constantly finding ways on how to improve their body and appear more attractive to the opposite sex. Fortunately, we live in a world where everything we want seems to be possible. Aside from depending on the wonders of butt enhancement technology, the challenge of having a big butt using innovative ways is fast becoming the new trend. By incorporating healthy eating habits along with using the best buttlifter, bum lifter and other butt enhancer products, more and more women and even men are striving to make their bodies aesthetically appealing.

Science Had Revealed the Amazing Benefits of Having Big Butts!

While it’s true that the size of the butt is largely determined by natural factors such as genetics, science gives lots of reasons why aspiring to have to a bigger butt is a must. Well, Cyber Zone Online is here to help you out. But before we go through the best buttlifter products and how they can help you with your goals, it would be great to know first why almost everyone, both men and women, desire to have bigger butts. Aside from giving you additional confidence and making it easy for you to find the perfect outfit for every occasion, here are the top reasons why people aim to achieve the best buttlifter permanent results possible.

  1. Big butts protect your lower back.

According to a well-respected physician and spokesperson for the American College of Sports Medicine, Pamela M. Peeke, M.D, having big and firm butts gives additional protection to your lower back. People gifted with big butts find it easier to propel their legs forward as they walk. It means that their smaller muscles do not need to kick in to provide support which reduces the risk of having strains in hips, knees, and back. Moreover, Dr. Peek also added that a firm and strong butt can help keep everything in alignment. As the hips flexors lengthen, good posture tends to develop as well. People with flat butts who often do excessive sitting will find it hard to stand up straight.

  1. Women with big booties can make heads turn just like a queen!

Walk like a drug! Now, what does this mean? Scientifically proven or not, the society already accepted that a woman with big butts can easily make head turns. There are the so-called reward regions on the males’ brain that can be activated by food, alcohol, drugs, and yes, big butts. There are various studies and experimentations which recorded different responses of a male’s brain to the photos of women having flat butts and big butts. The same results have been found out after showing photos of women before and after undergoing butt enhancement surgeries.

  1. Firm and big butts help avoid spinal-related injuries.

A big butt also enhances the curvature of the spine. Based on a study conducted by Evolution and Human Behavior, aside from evoking a more attractive look, a woman with a big butt is less likely to experience spinal-related injury during pregnancy. A well-curved spine helps alleviate the pressure which provides a stronger mobility to rummage food for yourself until the baby’s delivery.

  1. Women with big booties tend to be more intuitive.

Would you believe that even evolutionary theorists claimed that there is a great connection between butt size and intelligence? Because women with big butts and small waists appear too attractive to the opposite sex, the need to develop social skills to be able to select the best potential partner surfaces on the table—even if they are completely unaware.

  1. Big booties can help you streamline your overall appeal.

As a woman, even if you are not naturally gifted, it does not hurt to try ways on how to improve your appeal, charm, and appearance to the opposite sex. Everyone deserves attention and if having a big butt is one of the magnets to get what you want, why not?

  1. People with big butts are less likely to have dangerous cholesterol levels.

Medical researchers have found out that women with smaller waists but bigger butts tend to have higher levels of HDL cholesterol in their bodies. This cholesterol reduces the risk of having blocked arteries.

  1. Get your partner even crazier!

Enhance your sex life. Come on! We’re in a super modern time in which people are becoming more experimental when it comes to sex. A woman with a big butt can look more seductive especially if your partner wants to do it in doggy style. From reverse cowgirl position, leapfrog, wheelbarrow, wouldn’t it be nice to know that perhaps, a butt enhancement cream is all you need!

Getting mesmerized? Here’s more!

Some scientists believe that a woman with big butts is more likely to breed smarter kids. Now, isn’t that good news? Based on studies, a woman who breastfeeds her baby ought to have a particular kind of fat which can enhance the breast milk. If you have a big butt, your body will tap to this resource which can provide healthy fat that ultimately helps in the development of your baby’s eyes and of course, the nervous system.

Furthermore, while it sounds a bit absurd, having a big butt can help you survive emergencies. While everyone reserves the right to be hungry, there are certain situations when we cannot easily forage food. You might be too busy working or you feel too sick to eat. Having a big butt is also having extra fat which serves as your stored fuel during meal-related emergencies.

Click here to see some more reasons why a bigger butt is good.

Get Inspired and Motivated with Cyber Zone Onlines Butt lifter Products! And see the buttlifters before and after results.

If you already have a workout regimen which is intended to increase the size of your booty, wouldn’t it be too good to know that even on a daily basis, you can slowly get closer to your goals by wearing the right clothing? Today, there are plenty of manufacturers that claim they have designed the best buttlifter products in town. Well, the key is choosing the right one without sacrificing your comfort and your daily routines.

Well, here are 10 products from that can help you, both Quick Fixes and Permanent results!

1. EMS Hips and Buttocks Intelligent Trainer

Hip Stimulator for bigger Hips and butt

Cyber Zone Online offers Electrical Muscle Stimulator (EMS). This innovative EMS buttocks trainer aims to help you enhance the size of your hips and buttocks. Boasting EMS biological micro-impulse wave technology, you can easily stimulate the movement of the muscles in your hips and butt.

Even if you are just sitting on the couch and relaxing on a weekend, you can:

  • train your muscles almost effortlessly
  • achieve firmer skin
  • reduce the appearance of cellulite
  • relieved muscles soreness and pain

Cheap buttlifters are available on the market but make sure to buy only from trusted sources! For more amazing details about this product, you can click here.



 2.  Women's Stretchy High Waist Back Ruched Legging Butt Lift Pants

 Leggings for bigger butt

If you’re quite reluctant to seek medical help, Cyber Zone Online provides a great solution to your dilemma once again. A butt lift pants which can add more size and shape to your booty without having the need to undergo surgery is finally here. Can easily be worn under any kind of clothing, the sexier look is just inches away. So whether you are going to a party or you are going to work out, get a little tap on the butt by wearing this product.

  • Breathable, soft and comfortable
  • Perfect for workout routines such as yoga, fitness and exercise
  • Cannot be easily deformed because of its elasticity
  • Made of polyester and cotton

Get the look you desire without sacrificing comfort. For more information, click here.



 3.  Miss Molly Sexy Fullness Butt Lifter 

Bigger butt underwear quick fix


A bum lifter from Cyber Zone Online can provide a slight lifting effect. This butt enhancer can be worn with any outfit and it appears as if you are not wearing any! Not only will it give your butt the extra boost it needs, this product also provides support for the muscles of your hips and waists.

  • Designed with a circle opening on the back designed to naturally lift up your butt
  • Sexy, invisible and comfortable with its seamless lace bottom
  • Made of high-quality spandex and nylon

Get more amazing details from here.



4.  Butt Lifter Underwear

woman butt linger underwear

If you desire to be showered with attention or you simply want to be more confident of yourself, padded lingerie underwear which is also considered as one of the best buttlifters for women can be the answer to your problem. Seamless, comfortable and affordable, this product seems too irresistible.

  • Easy to wear, smooth and comfortable
  • Enhances the shape of your hips naturally
  • Great for dresses, jeans and other types of pants
  • Made of high-quality polyester

Check out more details from here!


 5. Butt Lifter Silicone Pads

Silicon implants for bigger butt without training

While you are still trying to find the time and the effort to do butt exercises, it’s good to know that there are Removable Silicone Pads available which can lift your butt beautifully for the meantime. This buttlifters before and after results are pretty obvious. They can be easily worn with various kinds of underwear. Instantly, make those men’s heads turn whenever you’re out there!

  • Provides realistic shape and feel  
  • Can be worn comfortably under any wardrobe
  • Matches body temperature
  • Made of Polyester Blends,Spandex,Microfiber

If this one interests you, click here for additional information!

 6. EMS Buttlifter and Hip Intelligent Trainer

Don't worry this is not a dejavu. This is our best butt trainer so we had to display it again!

Hip Stimulator again


A highly-innovative product called EMS Buttocks Trainer or Electrical Muscle Stimulator from Cyber Zone Online that can enhance the shape of your booty in no time at all is now within reach! Aside from the primary purpose, this can also help you achieve a firmer skin, reduce aesthetically unappealing cellulite and help you with muscle stiffness and soreness. With passion and discipline, you can get buttlifter permanent results!

  • Trains the muscles of the buttocks through debilitating exercises 
  • Produces electrical impulses through the skin that helps in muscle reduction and rectification 
  • Can be easily used even while sitting on a couch

If this sounds like the best buttlifter to you, then feel free to click here for more details.



7. Buttlifter Enhancement Massage Essential Oil

Oil fir bigger booty

If you’re struggling to find the perfect jeans because your booty seems to sag every time, perhaps a bum lifter in the form of essential massage oil can help you come up with the perfect outfit. Within a month, this oil specially made for the buttocks can probably change your life for the better! The application process is simple and the results are incredibly pleasant.

  • Can provide results within 7 to 30 day method
  • Can be easily applied daily at bedtime
  • Pleasant scent, pleasant feel


 If you want to test it yourself, you can find more details here.


 8.  Butt Enhancement Cream

Cream for the butt to get big


This bum lifter lotion consists of natural ingredients which promote elasticity, smooth and firm skin. It also helps tighten the hip tissues and provide support that fights gravity.

Made from exclusive complex of active and natural ingredients

  • Instantly tighten the issue of the hip 
  • helps effectively fight gravity
  • provides elasticity and support
  • achieves firmer and smoother the skin

 If you’re interested to find out more buttlifters reviews, you can go straight here.


9.  Butt Enhancer Underwear

Butt underwear



Women love to party! And when the music is on, it’s the best time to break it down on the floor. Who doesn’t love that booty shake? Well, if you happen to found yourself in this position, make sure you can wow your audience by wearing the best buttlifter from Cyber Zone Online! A low waist trainer that is easy to put on and take off can provide you the size and shape you’re looking for in an instant.

  • Soft and comfortable to wear
  • durable and guaranteed not to rip or tear
  • Made of high-quality nylon and spandex


For a high-quality product which can allow you to celebrate your junk in your trunk, you just need to click here.


 10. Glutes Resistance Bands 

Training band for the glutes


When your partner or your pet needs some place to snuggle, wouldn’t it be nice to offer your butt? It’s a romantic feeling, having them close and getting them comfortable with your “built-in” pillow. If you’re loved ones are quite cuddly, do not disappoint them by taking advantage of the resistance bands!

  • Builds strength and improves flexibility
  • corrects bad form and sculpts muscle tone,
  • designed to assist you in your exercises and workouts for faster results
  • can be used by men and women

For more information, click here.





Shop from a Trusted and Reliable Source Only!

As a woman who depends on the best buttlifter and bum lifter being offered on the market, it’s likely that you are often searching for additional ways to get the size you desire. Again, even if the additional size and shape are provided only with the innovative products, one way or another, you would come across articles and studies which show the amazing benefits of having big butts.

Proven by science, the above benefits explain why there’s a big part of the society from all over the world which wouldn’t just let genetics hold them from desiring to have big butts. But, while it’s true that having big butts shows lots of advantages and benefits, keep in mind that above all else, your safety is the most important thing of all. Whether you decide to undergo buttock augmentation or other enhancement surgeries, or you simply decide to use innovative bum lifter products, make sure to connect only with trusted brands and professionals.

Here is also a article about what science says about why men are attracted to big butts. View Article.

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